We help our clients in a number of ways:

Established organisations and their IT leadership teams & departments

Many organisations and their IT leaders are faced with the challenges of driving more value for better business outcomes. Their organisation's business models are at risk from disruption from unexpected directions and their board of directors are seeking to find ways that they can disrupt or protect themselves against being disrupted.

We assist them to optimise their IT operations and help them position themselves to accommodate the changes that enable and support digital transformation. This can range from acing as a 'critical friend' or board advisor, to undertaking in-dpeth reviews of enterprise architectures or innovation activities.

We help develop and where appropriate, run their in-house innovation activities and help them overcome the challenges that many established organisations encounter by bridging the gap between them and the entrepreneurs and startups whose products and services they they want to leverage.

Entrepreneurs, startups & scale-ups

"Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast!"

We work with entrepreneurs, startups & scale-ups to help them achieve their goals and vision. This includes:

  • to gain first mover advantage & innovate by leveraging incubators, accelerators, tech hubs and start-up knowledge and experience from the U.K., Nordics & Silicon Valley, and

  • with introductions to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors and with the preparation of business and product development plans as well as investing directly at early stages.

Our team

Our team consists of entrepreneurs and executives from large multinational enterprises enabling us to add value by bringing knowledge and experience from both cultures for the benefit of our clients.

As one of our clients said "
It's not what you know, but who you know and what they know that matters".

Our clients and assignments

Our clients are from a broad spectrum of industry and Government including:

  • One of the UK's largest investment management firms where we continue to act as critical friends and where we helped establish their enterprise architecture capability.

  • The UK Ministry of Defence where we acted as interim Head of Architecture for over a year and where subsequently we were engaged with cyber security projects.

  • Army Information Services (part of the UK Army) where we undertook a critical friend review of two major software projects.

  • KMPG Australia where we organised and ran their bespoke research tour to Silicon Valley.

  • A leading consulting firm in the UK where we have provided support to a number of their own and their client's projects.

  • A leading city law firm where we ran a series of brown bag lunch seminars on the practicalities of negotiating IT contracts.

Pro bono support

We also like to add value and put back into our industry by undertaking 'pro bono' support and mentoring to entrepreneurs and startups.

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