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Supporting Venture Capital Firms & corporate innovation

With over 20 years of engagement in Silicon Valley & European startup ecosystems we have built a strong set of relationships with many Venture Capital firms and have been fortunate to have been asked to provide insights to them as they consider potential investments. In some cases we have encountered startups with unique propositions that we believe should be bought to the attention of venture capitalists as it will hasten the growth and success of the founders.

These services are tailored to the needs of our clients and we would be happy to enter into discussions to help our clients solve specific challenges whether technological or otherwise. Our services include:

  • Strategy development and review
  • Technology and market research & trend spotting
  • Scouting for new emerging solutions
  • Identifying existing and startup companies who offer potential candidate solutions
  • Technology, strategy & business fit analysis
  • Managing introductions and meetings with selected candidate companies
  • Presentation and report

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