Helping Startups & Scale-ups

What is the difference between a startup and a scaleup? there are many views published which can be found by searching the Web. The description we like is one that was proposed by Rocketspace which is:

startup is a company that is in the early stages of determining product/market fit and is still experimenting with customer segmentation and working toward a positive contribution margin.

scale-up is a company that has already validated its product market fit within the marketplace and has proven that the unit economics of its product or service are sustainable.

In summary the difference between them is about maturity and so there is no clear boundary. We would add one other factor, that of aspiration. A scale-up has a plan to grow and grow rapidly.

The help we offer

Our team have run their own startups so we understand the challenges you face and that you need to focus your energies and not waste time and effort. We believe in offering support to selected startups and scale-ups which includes:

MVP product design & development
We have access to a network of UI and UX developers in addition to successful startup founders who can help you with formulating your ideas for your MVP and then help you design its roadmap, using our experience in conjunction with lean startup methodologies and design-led thinking.

Product reviews
Reviews of your product / service conducted by subject matter experts from technology companies and end-user organisations which will help you focus on your proposition. This is especially useful when developing your Minimum Viable Product because it helps you concentrate on what prospective customers consider to be important.

Business Plan reviews
Entrepreneurs can spend an inordinate amount of time developing a business plan, especially when seeking seed or Series A funding. We can help you shorten this process so that you can spend more time on your business and less time on important but non repetitive tasks.

Access to a network of IT Leaders
We have an extensive network of contacts across many different sectors and organisational size that can be made available to act as a sounding board or alpha or beta phase testers.

Pro Bono support to founders, startups & scale-ups
As entrepreneurs we have been fortunate to have had the benefit of the experience and knowledge of others who have founded successful businesses in the past. We would not have been as fortunate had it not been for those who have been generous with their time at no cost. We want to repay that generosity by making investments in other founders and startups who might not have access to the same level of knowledge and insight.

In this respect we offer, on a selected basis, to some founders and startups some of our services on a "pro bono" basis. If this is of interest to you please contacts us using the Contact Form on this website.

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