The term "innovation" can be defined as something original , a new idea, method, product or service that satisfies a known or previously unknown/unrecognised need in the market.

Our Innovation Framework
We do not believe that innovation is a process, we believe that it can flourish in a number of ways, whether it be an incremental change or a totally new disruptive business model. To this end we have created our Innovation Framework, which we use to help our clients identify potential opportunities for further exploration.

Innovation Framework is based upon the use of a facilitated workshop of between 1 & 2 days duration to ensure the most effective use of participant's time. Participants are drawn from across the enterprise. We use the 'Cafe Conversation' approach which challenges assumptions and helps participants redefine problems for their products, services or customers experiences. This ensures the most efficient use of attendee's time and to ensure actionable outputs and business focused outcomes are achieved.

Design-Led Thinking
Over the past few years, the concept of design-led thinking has gained traction as its benefits have become better understood. Engaging with your customers at am emotional level, not just a transactional level generates greater business success. This became evident at a recent trip to Sequoia Capital in Silicon Valley, where we were fortunate to meet James Buckhouse, founder of Sequoia's Creative Lab. James' career includes working on successful movies like Shrek, then at Twitter before ending up at Sequoia.. A Google search will take you to some of his presentations on YouTube which are highly recommended.

Thought Leadership
There are a number of individuals and organisations that research and publish information about innovation and the challenges of doing it successfully. We will be updating this section with links to that material as it becomes available.

Understand Innovation
We are pleased to be working with Understand Innovation, an innovation consultancy and online innovation academy established by Daniel Tyoschitz, who we have known for a number of years. Daniel originally worked with Mark Zawacki at 650 Labs which is where we first met. Since then Daniel has run his own startup and is now developing his Innovation consulting business and the Innovation Academy.

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